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Efistate provides energy consulting services for business clients. Our job is to reduce the cost and consumption of energy, gas and heating for your business, as well as secure funding for investments in energy efficiency. We pursue close long-term cooperation with customers, based on common interests and benefits. Most of our services bear no extra cost for the client, as they are financed from savings generated on our activity.

During two years in business we have worked with over 60 companies and institutions across Poland. We have completed diverse projects in industrial plants, offices, storage facilities and public administration buildings.


Why us? EFIState

Over the past two years in business we have had the privilege of working together with more than 60 enterprises and institutions all around the country.

We have completed many different projects in industrial plants, offices, administration buildings and sports facilities. Overall, we have implemented optimisation measures worth about PLN 5 000 000.

800 buildings

800 buildings

audited for energy efficiency

440 000 sqm

440 000 sqm

of usable space improved in the course of our projects

35 cities

35 cities

in which we have operated

60 enterprises

60 enterprises

that have benefited from our services

Our customers trusted us


Efistate Sp. z o.o.


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End-to-end energy advice and support

End-to-end energy advice and support

Managing energy usage in a business environment is an involved, time-consuming process and the on-site infrastructure can often prove highly problematic. Therefore, prudent businesses are turning to experts for professional expertise and advice in problems relating to energy usage and for help in implementing energy cost- and consumption-cutting measures. We possess a wealth of experience in areas such as energy audits, obtaining white certificates, reactive power compensation, energy optimisation and upgrading lighting systems. We have worked with numerous companies and public institutions, including Vectra, Grupa Impel and Warsaw School of Economics.

We seek to establish close long-term cooperation built around the common goal of reduced consumption and cost of energy.

Statutory energy audit


On October 1, 2016, an amended Act on Energy Efficiency entered into force, which sets forth an obligation to carry out an energy efficiency audit on all large entrepreneurs. The requirement applies to the businesses that, in the last two financial years satisfied the criteria for a large enterprise, that is: employed, on average, at least 250 employees during the year, or achieved annual net revenue exceeding the PLN equivalent of EUR 50 million.

The audit must cover 90% of energy consumption in buildings, industrial processes and means of transport. The audit is carried out based on: site inspection, electricity, heating and gas invoices, technical documentation of buildings and industrial machinery, as well as inspection of vehicle fleet. Failure to comply with the audit requirement may result in a fine of up to 5% of the annual income.


Failure to comply with the audit requirement may result in a fine of up to 5% of the annual income.

Energy cluster consulting

Energy cluster consulting

An energy cluster is a form of agreement between energy producers and consumers regarding the generation, balance of demand for, distribution and trading in energy from RES and other energy sources in a distribution grid area of max. 110 kV.

We deliver comprehensive multifaceted advisory services involving both the formation and management of energy clusters.

Energy efficiency certificates

Energy efficiency certificates  

White certificates are instruments (traceable commodities) issued by authorised bodies to certify that a business has attained a certain amount of energy savings. White certificates are tradeable on the Polish Power Exchange, which makes them an excellent source of financing optimisation investments. We offer an end-to-end service when it comes to obtaining white certificates: from the energy efficiency audit all the way to assistance in trading away the instruments.

ISO 50 001

ISO 50 001

Management system standard ISO 50 001 enables an organisation to control its energy aspects and achieve continual improvement in energy performance, including energy efficiency, security and consumption. We can help your business implement an energy management system that meets the requirements for ISO 50 001 certification.

 Reactive power compensation

Kompensacja mocy biernej

Energia bierna jest negatywnym parametrem sieci elektroenergetycznej obiektu, który może wiązać się koniecznością dodatkowych opłat. Dopłaty te mogą stanowić niekiedy nawet 30% całkowitych kosztów energii. Problem ten może jednak zostać łatwo rozwiązany dzięki dobrze dobranej instalacji kompensatorów mocy biernej. Jest to inwestycja o okresie zwrotu wynoszącym od 6 do 18 miesięcy. Oferujemy kompleksowe wsparcie w doborze i montażu instalacji kompensacyjnej.

Lighting system upgrade

Lighting system upgrade 

In cooperation with reliable lighting providers, Efistate delivers end-to-end modernisation of lighting infrastructure: from inspecting the existing lighting system, through securing subsidies and other funding for the investment, to fitting and maintenance. Investments in modern LED lights, additionally funded from trading in white certificates or from EU grants, tend to have a short payback period. LEDs have an exceedingly long lifespan, which further increases the economic appeal of such an investment. Moreover, the customer does not even need to commit equity and instead opt for leasing or esco financing. 

Energy efficiency grants

Energy efficiency grants

Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment (POIiŚ 1.2.): Funding competition III under Measure 1.2 of the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme, ongoing till 30.03.2018, is addressed to the Large Enterprises that have completed an energy efficiency audit. It enables a business to raise a preferential loan amounting up to 75% value of any investment aimed toward improving energy efficiency and shifting toward renewable energy sources.

Regional Operational Programme (RPO): Funds under the Regional Operational Programme vary from region to region. They are designed for a number of initiatives, from improving energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, to modernisation of heating installations in order to improve air quality. Due to the regional character, the funding competitions have different deadlines, scopes and requirements. 

 Energy performance of buildings

Energy performance of buildings

Thanks to a combination of innovative surveying methods and thermal imaging instruments, we are able to precisely monitor the actual use of energy on premises. Such detailed data allows us to identify the areas where energy is being wasted or used inefficiently. The flaws can then be corrected as cost-cutting opportunities. With thermographic inspection we can establish the thermal characteristics of a building and its installations, following up with measures to improve heating performance. 

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